There are a number of internship opportunities available in Tel Aviv. Most students do an internship for-credit, including the Seminar & Fieldwork Course. Opportunities for non-credit internships are also available.

Participating in an internship during study away is an unparalleled opportunity to engage in the Israeli workplace culture in either the for-profit or non-profit sectors.  If you are interested in developing transferable, professional skills related to your academic major or minor, consider including an internship in your semester away.  At NYU Tel Aviv, students have two options when considering applying for an internship:

1) Academic Internship Program
If accepted into this competitive program, students will participate in their internship but also earn academic credit by enrolling in and participating in a (4) credit academic course:  SCA-UA 9042/INDIV-UG 9050

2) Non-Credit Internship Program
Students who select this option will participate in an internship during study away but will not enroll in an academic course or earn academic credit related to their internship.

For more information on the process and opportunities, please see here.

Students interested in participating in an internship during the Spring 2017 semester at NYU Tel Aviv should submit an application no later than Friday, October 28. On this application, students will select the academic (for-credit) or non-credit internship option, upload their updated resume and recent writing sample, and indicate up to three internship placements of interest based on the list provided.

** If admitted to the program, students in the Global Institute for Public Health will enroll in a separate internship seminar in place of the Internship Seminar and Fieldwork course. More information will be provided upon acceptance to the program.

For any questions, please contact