Understanding the Cost of Living in Tel Aviv

There are several things that you can do to prepare your finances before you arrive in Israel. Figure out: what is the cost of living in Tel Aviv? What can I do now to make sure I save money? This site, Numbeo, can help you compare the cost of living in your home city and your study away location!


NYU Tel Aviv Gender Inclusive Housing

To be more closely aligned with the student housing assignment process on NYU’s New York campus, NYU Tel Aviv is going to introduce gender inclusive housing for spring 2017 semester.

Gender inclusive housing allows residents to be assigned to rooms, regardless of legal sex. To select gender inclusive housing you must complete the online form by November 25th.

Key Components of Gender Inclusive Housing

Legal sex will not be considered when making roommate assignments for students who indicate they want “gender inclusive” housing.

You can indicate that you prefer gender inclusive housing through the housing preference addendum form. Please submit this form to opt into gender inclusive housing by November 25th.

By selecting this preference, you commit to living in a bedroom occupied by another student who also prefers gender inclusive housing, regardless of their legal sex. This means that the student living within your immediate bedroom can be of any legal sex and may or may not identify as the gender that is not their legal sex. Applicants who select the gender inclusive preference should therefore be willing to live with any other student who is participating in gender inclusive housing.

Should a vacancy arise within a gender inclusive room this space will be filled by any applicant that has a gender inclusive preference. In the event a gender inclusive room cannot be filled with a student who has elected to participate in gender inclusive housing, NYU Tel Aviv will assign a new resident to the room based on legal sex.

Participants who change their mind about gender inclusive living can submit a request to change their preference from gender inclusive to their legal sex, with the understanding that our ability to accommodate requests for such changes are contingent upon space availability and timing of the submitted request.  Please keep in mind that we typically operate at full capacity in the spring semester, often making it difficult to change one’s assignment.

Coffee with Director of NYU Tel Aviv, Benny Hary!

Calling all future Tel Avivers! Please join us on November 1 for a coffee hour with the director of NYU Tel Aviv, Benny Hary. In addition to meeting your fellow future Tel Avivers, Dr. Hary will be available to answer your questions about life at NYU Tel Aviv and in Israel. We will also be joined by NYU Tel Aviv Assistant Director of Academics, Edan Raviv, who will be happy to answer any questions you have about course offerings next semester.

Where: 383 Lafayette Street, Room C06 (New Studentlink building!)
When: Tuesday, November 1, 6-7 pm

Coffee and food will be provided. Please email patrick.stancil@nyu.edu to RSVP.

Reminder: Student Information Form & Passport Copies Due to OGS

All students must complete the Student Information Form and upload a copy of their passport to OGS.  These two steps must be completed in order for OGS to produce any immigration documents and communicate other key steps in the visa process.

If you are currently in the process of renewing your passport, please inform us either via the Student Information Form or via email at ogs.outbound@nyu.edu.  You will still receive reminders from our office to complete the upload, and it’s imperative that you upload the copy as soon as you receive your passport.

Introducing Global Bloggers on ThisIsNYU


Want to get a glimpse of what life is like at your study away site? THIS IS NYU features student experiences from all over the globe. All of the stories are documented by students who maintain their own, personal blogs about their time at NYU, whether studying away or at their home campus. Get a sense of what your experience could be like from their travels, classes, and reflections on thisisnyu.tumblr.com.

Later in the semester we will provide further details for how to sign up and get involved!

Flight Options & Arrival Information

Please keep in mind you MUST arrive in Tel Aviv on January 23, 2017, and you are responsible for booking your own flight. Housing is available only for the dates of the program (January 23–May 25, 2017) so if you plan to arrive early or leave late, please be aware you will be responsible for your own accommodations. You can access the program calendar here.

When shopping for flights, we encourage you to use NYU’s preferred partner, Egencia, to buy your ticket. Please see the following egencia instructions for info on how to book your flight through Egencia.

NYU Tel Aviv site will help arrange pick-up for most students who arrive between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm on January 23rd, depending on student arrival schedules. We will collect flight information later in the semester which the Tel Aviv staff will use to coordinate airport coverage. If you will already be in Israel, you will need to make your own way to the site housing between 1:00 and 4:00 pm on January 23rd. Closer to arrival you will receive the necessary details, whether already in Israel or arriving that day.

Please note: All students will be required to submit their flight details closer to departure. Instructions for doing so will come later on in the semester.

Mail from Tel Aviv: Letter from the Director

Dear Students,
I am delighted to welcome you to NYU Tel Aviv. For haryme, this is my third year at NYU. I spent most of my academic life at Emory University where I was a Professor of Hebrew, Arabic and Linguistics and I also served as the Director of the Linguistics Program there. My academic specialties are Judeo-Arabic, the Arabic of the Jews in the Arab world; Hebrew and Arabic linguistics; sociolinguistics and dialectology. I am especially interested in the connection between Language and Religion. I am asking questions such as, why Jews speak differently than non-Jews (for example, “Jewish English”) or, for that matter, why Muslims speak different than non-Muslim? (Research that I conducted some years ago in Dearborn, MI, reveals the existence of “Muslim English”). I also led students in many study abroad academic courses and tours and established several programs in Europe and in the Middle East.

>> Read the rest of Benjamin Hary’s Welcome Letter!